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Hiking and Biking Trails

Deer Trail - 2.1 miles
About 50% nearly level with modest up hill grade

Dogwood Trail - .8 mile
Steep from Rhododendron Trail, then leveling off

Red Cardinal Trail - 1 mile
All down hill from park entrance

Red Fox Trail - .35 miles (short)
Steep grade from intersection with Deer Trail

Rocky Trail- 1.8 miles
Very steep at both ends with a short level area on top of the ridge

Rhododendron Trail - 1.9 miles
Moderately steep near end, otherwise relatively easy

Tygart Valley (River) Trail - .2 mile
Mostly level with one steep incline

Wild Turkey Trail - 1.8 miles
Extremely steep on both ends, otherwise follows a near level ridge.

Trails suitable for biking are clearly marked and signed




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